Human Capital Development

CNJ specializes in human capital development and management, particularly in the  context of Talent Acquisition and HR Transformation for Mergers and Acquisitions, and Joint Venture. Acquiring the right talent for the right place reserves a high probability of business success. CNJ always understands that every business is people business.

Talent is increasingly a focus as companies see evidence that their people are a key to competitive advantage. CNJ Talent leverages insight-driven but proven approaches, frameworks and tools to help Korean companies improve the performance of their people and to drive growth and business value through the organization’s critical talent pools.

CNJ works with our clients on integrated programs to:

  • Plan and execute end-to-end talent strategies to ensure that skilled and experienced bi-lingual people are deployed in the right numbers to meet business needs.
  • Build and expand leadership capabilities at scale for executives and managers.
  • Develop and foster a learning environment that equips talent with the skills and capabilities to drive innovation, new opportunities and better business performance.

This CNJ human capital development approach—supported by cross-cultural research, analysis and broad, cross-industry experience—helps all levels of the enterprise work together to drive innovation, improve productivity and achieve positive, measurable strategic outcomes.

To deliver on their promises to customers and stakeholders, companies need to marshal and integrate many different capabilities. Sometimes it is about strategy, sometimes about technology and sometimes about process. But it is always about the people.

CNJ always collaborates with our clients to put integrated programs in place to:

  • Create an HR strategy that is closely integrated with both the business strategy and the human capital strategy to support business outcomes while delivering high-value talent and HR services that drive an improved employee and manager experience.
  • Design and implement an HR operating model capable of delivering talent and HR services efficiently and effectively on a global scale to support the critical needs of the Korean business in the United States..
  • Drive leading practices and operational excellence across talent and HR processes by aligning those processes as depicted in the CNJ HR framework to the HR behavioral model and the underlying HR technical architecture.

An integrated HR strategy, a global HR operating model and supportive processes can transform HR into a finely tuned and nimble organization capable of driving new levels of business value in the United States.

CNJ is an innovator and thought leader in the Korean HR space. CNJ has identified several key characteristics the HR function must develop to improve its impact on the business:

  • Discover new sources of talent for the US business
  • Build an adaptive and versatile culture.
  • Apply behavioral scientific approach.
  • Develop a learning organization.

Ultimately, CNJ can improve our clients’ HR capabilities and their ability to deliver predictable, high-quality business in the United States—and at the same CNJ helps the corporate entity to become a better strategic conveyor for the business.

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