CNJ History & Meaning

CNJ History

CNJ Capital Group was established in November 2005 and has been in business for providing financial services with those who needed financial resources in Mergers & Acquisitions in combination with providing valuation, due diligence, deal closing consulting services.
November 2015, CNJ decided to respond to the market’s state-of- the-art demand and got started reinventing the firm as CNJ 2.0. CNJ added Human Capital Services to the existing Financial Capital Services, and integrated those two business lines together in order to become a One Point Service Center for M&A clients.
As you all know, M&A is the greatest strategy for business growth in such a short period of time, as long as it is well managed for seamless change particularly during the change management stage for integration.

What does CNJ Stand for?


Competency means YOUR business. Your distinctive business model means your competency. You are servicing your customers with your competency. You are competing with your competitors in your competency area. So you should clearly identify what your competency is in the US market.

CNJ Consulting Services is helping you identify what your competency means all about.


Network means YOUR business enablers. CNJ helps you network for you do business in a designated market. Your network with your advisors, vendors, partners, professionals, co-works, and the like, in your market is such a vital platform for you do business successfully. You cannot do everything all by yourself. Trustworthy and proven business partners are so important to your business success in an alien market.

CNJ Consulting Services is helping you network your company with necessary influential business partners in the market.


Joint-Commitment means that CNJ develops your market jointly and keeps eyes closely on your operations to back up until your success. Market means everything to your business, and yet Finding a customer is not all about your business. In order to build a strong infra-structure in your market and do a productive business, CNJ should work together to create your brand name, then you will grow sustainably.

CNJ Consulting Services is helping you find your market and work together with you to successfully launch your business in the target market.

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