CNJ Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Dr. Johnny Chung, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Johnny Chung is currently serving and representing the company as Principal & Chief Executive Officer. He has been leading the management team for re-inventing the firm as one-stop consulting services provider to those who are willing to grow the business, develop the organization, and shape the external environment, in terms of Merger & Acquisition, Joint Venture, or any other organizational performance and change practices. He has developed and practiced well organized insightful strategic approaches to enterprise transformation. He has a strong inspiration for the healthy future of the Korean entrepreneurial society in the United States.

Jay Kim, Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Director of Korea Office

Jay is Managing Director of CNJ’s Korea office. He has been known to the market as an outstanding leader of conducting overseas training projects for more than 20 years. He knows how to educate and train to foster entrepreneurship for small and medium-sized Korean companies, interfacing them to those who have noticeable knowledge of or experience in how to turnaround their business or business entity. Jay is a great entrepreneur who has a strong influence to the Korean industrial society. He knows how to make Korean entrepreneurs have globalized mindset in the age of globalization.

Joshua Yoon,   Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operation Officer of the CNJ Institute of Business Infrastructure Development, a leading business development, training and resource organization for the Asian American & Pacific Islander community, he has extensive experience in the financial service industry and is an expert on corporate management with a special focus on small‐to‐middle size privately owned and minority owned businesses. He is Chair of the Board for the Asian Rehabilitation Services, a prominent job and work development resource organization for the individuals with the developmental disabilities. He is also the current Chairperson for KoBE Government Contracting Alliance of West Coast, a non-profit organization providing guidance and mentorship to businesses and entrepreneurs. Previously, Yoon was co‐founder and director of mergers & acquisitions of So Cal Corporate Growth Partners, a federally funded nonprofit organization that operates a business center in Riverside, CA, on behalf of United States Dept. of Commerce and the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA).

Jangyeob Kim,  CPA, Chief Financial Officer 

Jangyeob is currently serving CNJ Capital Group as Chief Financial Officer. Since he started directing Kim & Associates, Inc. a few years ago, he has brought up extensive experiences in corporate managerial and financial accounting, auditing, and financial advisory services.
He has recently been appointed as CFO of a startup company in consumer business which CNJ has partnered to do promising global business.

Advisory Board

Taylor Hunter,  Senior Advisor, Human Capital Business

Taylor Hunter brings more than 25 years of corporate executive experience with companies ranging from large international to medium and small start ups. Prior to establishing Fairwater Growth Partners, Inc. he has held principal and executive positions at several other companies in cross-industries. Taylor has a diverse executive experience which spans three decades across several industries, which uniquely qualifies him to partner with CEO’s. Industries include medical and industrial capital equipment , smart home technologies, on-line marketing, military marine craft and pleasure boat manufacturing.
He has successfully orchestrated all stages of strategic business planning and development, including shaping/refinement of operations, product/pricing development, team structuring; directed the launch of new operations and strategies to Identify, seize, and drive opportunities
to maximize potential and expand revenue. Strategic and tactical leadership talents demonstrated throughout career; create and translate concepts, vision, and objectives into action plans that support specific goals and objectives.

Ron Hansen,  Senior Advisor, Merger & Acquisition Business

Ronald E. Hansen joined CNJ as Senior Advisor in the field of Merger & Acquisition Business. Ronald is a member of American Society of Appraisers as an Accredited Senior Appraiser. As senior consulting professional, he has been responsible for appraisal assignments involved with financial, operating and investment analysis of venture-backed businesses and valuation of corporate securities. Among his specialties are Stock Options and Warrants Valuation, Restricted Securities Valuation, New Venture Valuation, Fair Market Valuation, and Corporate Acquisition or Buy-Out Appraisals.
His expertise is proudly witnessed by Superior Courts of Santa Clara, Contra Costa, San Mateo, Sonoma, Marin, Alameda, Yolo, Solano and Stanislaus Counties, and in San Francisco and San Jose Federal District Courts, and U.S. Tax Court.

Dave Fantau,  Senior Advisor,Consumer Product Industry Businesss

Dave just joined CNJ as Senior Advisor in the field of Consumer Business. He has been in the packaging and trim business his entire career upon graduating from Boston University with a BA, BS degree in English Literature and Language in 1978.
He was first hired by a company called Artistic Identification Systems in 1980 in Northern New Jersey. Upon completion of a very short 3-month training program, he was transferred to Los Angeles where he ran the sales office for Artistic in growing the western region office from 3 million dollars to 8 million dollars as well as taking over the San Francisco office and increase sales for the Northwest region.
After 4 years on the West Coast, he returned to New Jersey and worked for several packaging
companies besides Artistic, including F. G. Montabert, RVL Sales, Avery Dennison and r-pac International for his entire career.
He will provide our Korean customers with his insight, experience, and well-structured set of knowledge of Consumer Business Industryprint suitable for business in the US market, as he has been exposed to the Korean business culture in a variety of ways.

Joy Langford,  Senior Advisor,
Public Sector Business and Compliance Issues

Joy Langford has over 15 years of experience as a public private partnership liaison assisting corporations, with environmental practices at the local state and federal government levels. She has had much success and garners intricate knowledge of compliance issues for corporations as they relate to governmental agencies.
Joy’s recent projects include implementing street lighting projects in several Southern California Cities, consulting on light rail and energy efficient trucking solutions, and implementing Electric Vehicle(EV) charging stations units in several California Municipalities. She has done M&A work and project management and financing for utility grade renewable energy projects both domestically and internationally. She successfully assisted a Korean food processor negotiate emissions and compliance issues with SCAQMD. Joy’s negotiations allowed the company to continue with its American operations instead of having to shutter due to hefty fines and fees. Joy has a proven track record of assisting Corporations with government/environmental compliance.
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