CNJ Vision

CNJ Core Purpose

  • CNJ is Committed to Helping Korean Disadvantaged Enterprises Develop their Business in the US Market.

  • CNJ is Committed to Helping US Enterprises Develop their Business in the Korean Market
  • CNJ is Committed to Creating Competitive Values for Socially and Economically Disadvantaged People.

CNJ Core Value

Creating the CNJ Experience

Creating the CNJ Experience is What CNJ’s Core Value is All About. Customer Satisfaction by creating and managing the CNJ Experience is CNJ’s ultimate value in our business operations. We all at CNJ fully acknowledge that our service principles, systems, procedures and standards which are built in our service direction, called CNJ Experience, are so important for the success of consulting service business, and yet we would also empathize that our service minds, attitudes, value, norms, in parallel with those technical aspects, are not less important for success.

Every customer will experience our uncommon customer service which is now called the CNJ Experience, because THE CUSTOMER at CNJ IS:

  •  the most important stakeholder in our business.
  • our heart with feelings and emotions.
  • someone to be so that we can do their thing.
  • the purpose of our existence.

All of us here at CNJ know about how important the CNJ Experience is, because the consulting industry which contains people trust and respect aspects intensively than any other industry. The CNJ Experience is in fact about attracting and keeping the best customers by getting a share of their heart.

Part of the creative aspect of being a great consulting company is to understand the importance of Customer Experience Management and to find new ways of modeling it and exploiting it to create greater value than our competitors can. We all at CNJ keep in mind that we care as much about customers as our family. In fact, CNJ would say that our customers are all just PEOPLE whom we need to build trust and respect. So in defining the CNJ experience, we are mindful that our value (also called ultimate goal) is to create an uncommon experience for every single customer of ours.

In fact, our core value lies in customers so that we are to create uncommon experiences for CEOs, Senior Executives, Decision-Makers, Practitioners in the small and medium sized business, and yet not all people will interact with us in the same channel, nor will they have the same expectations from each channel. But they will have an overall expectation about the quality of our service experience they want from CNJ.

Envisioned Future

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