Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment Consultancy

The foreign direct investment is profitable both to the country receiving investment (foreign capital and funds) and the investor. For the investor company FDI offers an exclusive opportunity to enter into the international or global business, new markets and marketing channels, elusive access to new technology and expertise, expansion of company with new or more products or services, and cheaper production facilities. While the host country receives foreign funds for development, transfer of new profitable technology, wealth of expertise and experience, and increased job opportunities.

The foreign direct investment (FDI) has been quite innovative and vital for faster economic growth of most of the developing and the increasing trend of Mergers and Acquisitions, the FDI is to receive tremendous momentum in various sectors in the future times to come.

Foreign Direct Investment is another form of doing business in target countries. CNJ already has a brilliant set of networks with economic development agencies at the grass-root level in the United States.

CNJ offers comprehensive services and consultancy to Korean foreign investors in facilitating their Direct Investment in the United States in almost all industries. The progressively growing one of the major economies of the world, the United States has been enjoying enormous and regular FDI from various investors of all around the world for last a few decades.

Our Solutions

Leveraging the business development process with CNJ cross-cultural capabilities between Korea and USA gives our clients a strategic and tactical competitive advantage. Few have added the cross-cultural component to economic development and foreign direct investment consulting, something that puts most communities and economic development organizations at a performance and competitive deficit. Cross-cultural components will impact all stages of the Korean investment process in the United States – the local sales & marketing effort; relationship-building, trust-building; the decision-making process; negotiations; and the actual business implementation. CNJ has extensive knowledge of US-Korea markets, their stakeholders, and how to achieve what they want to achieve.

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