Sungro’s Flagship Product “Bugs R Done” will be launched in Korea. by

Indoor and Outdoor Bug Killer & Repellent

BUGS ‘R’ DONE™ is a highly effective environmentally safe indoor and outdoor insecticide. It contains pure orange peel oil nature’s own botanically-derived insecticide.

BUGS ‘R’ DONE™ may be used around food, humans, and pets. May be used anywhere inside & outside homes, schools, hospitals, apartments, kitchens, food factories and restaurants. Kills most disease-carrying cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, and fire ants.

An effective Ant, Roach, Fly, Spider & Mosquito Killer health conscious people seek.
Spray indoor areas such as kitchen cabinets, drawers and closets. Under sinks, into wall & floor cracks and crevices. Effective on killing fleas hidden in carpets, rugs, dog & cat bedding, and under furniture.
Apply to outdoor windows and doors. Spray thoroughly around perimeter of buildings, garbage cans, dumpsters and manure piles. Killing on contact flies, roaches, ants, and their eggs, larvae, and or pupae.
Keeps your picnic area free of pesky insects by spraying tables, outdoor furniture, perimeter of BBQ’s (do not spray directly on grills, hot coals, or an open flame) walking pathways, and grass area just prior to activity.
An insect control product you can use with confidence Around Food, Humans, and Pets.
BUGS ‘R’ DONE™ is a water-free Insecticide made with botanically-derived pure orange peel oil.
An effective natural Bug Killer made with d’limonene FDA-Listed ingredient “GRAS”(generally regarded as safe) in human foods.
Residual repellency keeps annoying insects away.
Environmentally friendly and meets California clean air quality standard.
One pint treats 200 square feet. One gallon treats 1600 square feet.
Do Not Spray directly on plants, animals, or food. Use caution when walking on hard floors until any applied spray has dried.
EPA registered least toxic category.

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