Ten Commandments for Creating the Customer Experience

Creating the Customer Experience is not optional for all medium and small sized Korean companies. Once you have well designed plan and strategies for this purpose, you will easily find your markets and business partners in the United States, and extend your business domain to the whole world in a short period of time.

  1. We have a clear shared vision.
  2. We have challeging goals.
  3. We have well defined strategies.
  4. Employees are well trained for their competencies and attitudes.
  5. We match the claims made through advertising.
  6. We measure service quality against best in class.
  7. Employees meet with customer groups as frequently as possible.
  8. We frequently monitor our quality of our products and services.
  9. Employees are regularly briefed on company performance.
  10. There is good co-operation between teams.

Please ask CNJ Capital to either johnny@cnj.institute or joshua@cnjcapital.com so you can have a success-guaranteed business platform in the United States. CNJ is a company that knows both Korean companies and the US Market.

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